Jaswant Pujari,


Jaswant Pujari Therasoft Founder

About Jaswant (Jas)

As the architect of Therasoft®, Jaswant has been the driving force behind the innovation and development of the technology platform. Jaswant started out as a software developer in 1981. With a degree in Computer Science and growing up professionally as the Internet was taking shape with the first iteration of email and the world wide web, solving business problems with technology has been his passion. 

After spending thirty years in Atlanta, GA, Jaswant moved to Sunnyvale, CA, bringing Therasoft® to Silicon Valley in 2015. At that time Therasoft® was already seven years old. With access to Silicon Valley resources, Therasoft® went through a transformation of the underlying technology, marketing, and support of the product for customers.

While driving the continuous evolution of Therasoft® as a product and as a company, Jaswant filed a patent application for an innovative way to process electronic payments. The patent was approved and registered in 2020.

In 2018, Jaswant acquired a family therapy clinic that was ready to close its doors and revived the business. It currently operates three locations in Wichita, KS, and added two new locations in Seattle, WA. 

After 15 years of dedicated involvement in supporting the mental health provider community and running clinics in multiple states, Jaswant carves out time to mentor new clinicians getting started in private practice. Helping with the registration of the company to develop the business plan and marketing strategy to put in place all the tools needed to get off the ground successfully.

He is dedicated to supporting mental health professionals so they can overcome business and technology challenges that get in the way of starting and running a successful private practice. Ask him about the best way to transform a traditional in-person practice into The Hybrid Clinic™.

Jaswant is committed to educating current and future practitioners by offering universities the use of Therasoft free of any per-user fees. Universities offering degree programs in counseling are invited to contact Therasoft® to participate in the program.

The Therasoft®  magic is delivered by a dedicated group of software developers, a highly engaged support team and a very creative marketing team with Jaswant as the fearless leader.

Jaswant and his wife of thirty-four years, together have three grown-up boys that live in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City. Jaswant splits his time between Seattle and Silicon Valley when he is not on a flight to somewhere!. 

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